Week of Aug. 10 - Aug. 11:

8/10 - Welcome back students! Seating chart, [Syllabus] & Tarp Icebreaker!

8/11 - Beach Ball Icebreaker & [Computer Knowledge Basics Quiz 1]

Assignment - Turn in your completed Computer Knowledge Basics Quiz 1 by the end of the class period.

Week of Aug. 14 - Aug. 18:

8/14 - Computer Basics - Computer Knowledge Word Find & Crossword Puzzle

8/15 - Around the Lab - Google Apps for Students & Web Browsers Worksheet

8/16 - Create Typing.com Account & Complete Beginner Lesson (J, F, & Space) * Early Release*

8/17 - Student Information Sheet & Digital Media Kahoot Quiz 1

8/18 - Typing.com - Complete Beginner Lessons U, R, & K, and D, E, & I.. Play Keyboard Ninja Game (Home Row Letters)

Week of Aug. 21 - Aug. 25:

8/21 - Copyright Law Presentation - [A Fairy Use Tale]

Assignment - Please take Cornell Notes on the PowerPoint presentation regarding copyright. These will be turned in at the next of the next class session.

8/22 - Copyright - [Worksheet 1] & Typing.com - Complete Beginner Lessons C, G, & N

Assignment - Complete the copyright worksheet on your computer. Once you have finished please save the document into your Z drive. Keep the document open and switch your cup to red for grading. Your copyright Cornell Notes are also due today

8/23 - Typing.com - Complete Beginner Review 1 & Lesson T, S, & L * EARLY RELEASE *

8/24 - Adobe CC Photoshop Basics

Assignment - Save work as "island collage" in your Z drive. Homework - Your will need an image of yourself for a graded project you will be working on in the next week. Please make arrangements to have a digital picture of yourself ASAP.

Topics Covered - lasso tool, move tool, magic eraser tool, free transform tool, layers panel and layer naming/stacking.

8/25 - Typing.com - Complete Beginner Lesson O, B, & A Keys. Finish up your Photoshop Island Collage.

Week of Aug. 28 - Sep. 1:

8/28 - Photoshop - CC Basics Part 2 [Files]

Assignment - Follow along with and complete the tutorial as shown in the series of videos. Save the finished image document as lighthouse in your Network Storage for grading.

8/29 - Photoshop - The Empty Room [Files]

8/30 - Photoshop - Finish The Empty Room & Typing.com - Complete Beginner Lesson V, H, & M Keys.

8/31 - Photoshop - Working with layers - [Introduction to Layers] [Grouping Layers] [Layer Styles]

Assignment - Please take Cornell Notes on the video tutorials regarding the use of layers in Photoshop. EQ: What important uses do layers have when working on a document in Adobe Photoshop? Your cornell notes will be due at the end of the next class session.

9/1 - Adobe Photoshop - Making Clean Selections [Files]



Assignment - Download, watch and follow along with the video tutorial on making clean selections. Then, using the pictures above, make a clean selection of Coach Keener and move him into that nice room in the White House.

Topics Covered - Quick Selection tool, Refine Edges.